Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Let Us Love The Little Children

My heart is breaking for the little children of this world.

The other night I had to run to Plums for some milk and spaghetti sauce. The minute I walked into the store I heard a little boy just screaming his head off. My first thought was for the mother or father....oh dear I know how that is. Having a headstrong, tantrum throwing toddler is not fun when you're out in public. But as I was walking through the store and gathering my things he continued to scream. We were going on ten minutes here....it didn't seem like a tantrum anymore.

So I got up to the self check out thing and they were next to me. When I saw the poor little guy my heart broke. He was dirty. He had a winter coat on, but no socks and his shoes which were too big had fallen off and were on the floor. He just kept screaming over and over "momma I need my...." (I couldn't understand the last word). I am guessing he was about a year older than Blue-Eyed Boy...so 3 close to 4. Then we got out to the parking lot and she put him in the car. But at the stop light I looked over and there they were.....he wasn't in a car seat.....or a seat belt at all. She was just holding him in her lap.

Now I know how hard it is to be a mother, I know how it is to not always have enough money to buy necessities. Or not enough time to give a bath. But there are dozens and dozens of places that will give you a car seat if you can't afford one yourself. And this was not a he missed one bath sort of a thing...I think it was a years worth of baths that he missed.

I am just so sad for this little boy. And I know he's not the only one, and there are babies and toddlers being treated horribly worse than he was. But I saw this with my own eyes. I felt the anger rising up in my chest watching him and wanting to do something...anything for him. But not knowing how to without getting beat up.

My little boy is the brightest light in my life, and I will never, NEVER understand parents who neglect or even abuse their children. Do we always have enough money to pay our bills? No. Do we always have enough food to eat? No. But the one thing I will always have enough of is love.


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