Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Great Paczki Quest

Today is Mardi Gras

Today is Fat Tuesday.

But most important of all (to those of us fortunate enough to be Polish)

Today is paczki day!!!

Now I did the unspeakable and completely forgot! Therefore I forgot to pre-order some paczki so I could introduce my son and husband to the wonder that is the paczki.

So we went on a quest.

We drove all over town. I was dreaming of paczki the whole time. And Blue-Eyed Boy and Handsome Hunk were wondering what in the world was so all fire important about these strangely named pastries that necessitated driving all over Muskegon to find them. *sigh* they do not know....they could not understand!

Nor will they understand this year.

After going to every bakery, and any other place that sells bakery items, we discovered that they were ALL. OUT.

ALL OUT!!!!!

Lesson learned: PRE-ORDER PACZKI!!


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