Monday, February 4, 2008

The Internet Dilemma Part Two.......

Saturday I spoke of how disillusioned I have become of my excessive Internet use.

Today I would like to dive a little deeper into some of the thoughts I have been having about said Internet usage.

I range back and forth constantly from......
let's throw the dang computer out the window and become Amish!!!
how can I use the Internet for God's glory?
perhaps I should only use the Internet for email and occasional necessary research
who in tarnation gives a crap!?

I think the real dilemma comes down my excessive Internet use pulling me away from my priorities?

What in the world are my priorities?

I have had to really sit down and think about what my priorities are.......

1. To really know God, and to serve Him.
2. To be a fantastic wife.
3. To be a wonderful mother.

That's all I could think of that really matters to me in the grand scheme of things. So, then my next question is:

Does my excessive use of the Internet help me fulfill any of these priorities?


Which leads to another question:

If I stopped using the Internet could I still fulfill these priorities?


Which leads to my next question:

Can I reduce my Internet usage?

I know I should, and it would probably be easier than I think.

Which leads to my final question:

How do I decide which parts to reduce?

This is really the clincher question. And the one I have been struggling with the most. I'm sure once I decide which parts (if not all) to purge of my Internet usage I won't miss them one bit, it's just making that jump that is the hard part.

Wow, after reading that last paragraph--I think I sound like an addict.
This is a serious problem folks.
Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion (I hope) of my Internet Dilemma 2008.


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