Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One of those moments....

I will cherish forever.

The other day Blue-Eyed Boy climbed in my bed and snuggled under the covers while I was washing dishes. He said..."na-night momma". I said "are you taking a sleepy?", "yea". Okay. A few minutes later I hear a little voice singing "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus."

I went in the room and said "are you singing?" He said "yes".

So, I began singing "Jesus Loves Me". And he sang along with me when I got to "Yes, Jesus loves me..."

"more" he says...

So, we sang it again.

and again.

About 15 times.

It was a wonderful moment, a memory I will never forget of my sweet little boy and the beginnings of his faith.

To quote a country song...."yea, I live for little moments like that"


Nancy said... precious! Aunt Nan is so proud!

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