Monday, April 28, 2008

"Ready Baby?"

So, last week I cleaned the infant car seat. While I was putting it back together I was explaining to Blue-Eyed Boy that it was for the new baby. I also mentioned to him that now that it is clean we are all ready for the baby to come. (it was the last thing I had to do!)

Ever since then he keeps asking me "ready baby?", I answer "yes, we're all ready". (this occurs about 5 times a day! Nothing like being reminded that NOTHING IS HAPPENING! But it's cute none-the-less.)

Today our conversation went as follows:

Blue-Eyed Boy: "Ready baby?"

Me: "Yep, we're all ready for the baby. We just have to wait for it to come out of mommy's belly"

Blue-Eyed Boy: "Daddy ready baby?"

Me: "Yes, Daddy's ready for the baby too. Are you ready for the baby?"

Blue-Eyed Boy: "Yes, ready baby! Ready, set--GO!"

So, my dear little Oat Bran you heard your brother....





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