Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm sure the neighbors got a good chuckle....

So, my wonderful, amazing hunk of a husband hung up my clothes line the other day. It has been wonderful to hang the laundry out to dry and not have to use our dryer so much. Especially since I've been doing laundry almost daily these days so that if the baby does arrive the laundry is done. One less thing to worry about, you know.

Well, this morning I did some laundry, mostly just Timmy's things (diaper leak and car get the picture) and we went out and hung them on the line.

It's was a nice windy day. A little overcast but nothing to worry about.

The clothes were drying fast from the wind, in fact, they were just about dry. I was about to go out and check on them. I looked out the window and....

It was pouring rain.

So, picture a nine-month pregnant woman running around outside yanking laundry off the line in the pouring rain.

It's okay you can laugh....

I'm sure the neighbors are.

And I will once I catch my breath.

Now I am consoling myself with the knowledge that:

1. at least no cars honked.

2. I can still run.


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