Thursday, June 19, 2008


As many of you know my last name is Culver. Well, when my handsome hunk and I were engaged I started saying I was going to be "Culverized". I even told Pastor Greg this while I was signing the marriage license-- before I walked down the isle. So, during our ceremony, Pastor Greg said that I was now Culverized, instead of the whole....I now pronounce you husband and wife, bit.

The other night I was watching T.V. (the Bachelorette--silly show I know, but I watched the beginning during my recovery and now I have to see who she picks!) and a commercial for Culver's-the restaurant-came on. Guess what their little saying was?

"Get Culverized"

Guess what their website is??

You can imagine my dismay. I think I sat there with my mouth wide open for a full five minutes.

They stole my saying, folks. Plain and simple. They must've had secret agents at my wedding.

I guess I should have copyright-ed it.

So, just for clarification (because I am the creator of this saying) I would like to share the true definition of the word:

Culverized: (cul-ver-i-zed) 1. to become a Culver 2. to enter into the Culver family by way of marriage 3. the wife of a Culver male.

So, there you have it folks, the true meaning of the word. You cannot be Culverized by eating or obtaining a ButterBurger! (No matter how delicious they may be)

True Culverization is an honor reserved for a select few.
It requires a lifetime commitment.
It's not for the fickle.
or the hungry.

So, don't let this commercial fool you, not just anyone can "get Culverized".

As a woman who has been Culverized for four wonderful, amazingly fantastic years, I have learned that being and becoming Culverized is not for the faint-hearted.

It takes work. commitment. patience. and most of all love.

I'm sorry about your luck folks, but we can't all be Culver's. If we were the world would just be too perfect, and life would definitely get boring.

Go ahead and get your ButterBurger with fries. Eat it to your hearts content folks, but I'm have definitely not. been. Culverized.


Kristina said...

Claim intellectual property right infringement! lol

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