Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weeps and Noodles

Today we went and picked strawberries at Heritage Farmer's Market near Fremont. It was a lot of fun. But really really HOT. The crazy thing is Red-Haired Girl was not affected by this heat. (oh to be a newborn....well maybe not). But we were all overheated with sweat dripping off of us and she's in a black infant car seat on our stroller with a blanket and both sun shields closed. She was also only wearing a onesie (maybe that's the secret, we all need to start wearing onesies! HA! That'd be the day!).

When we were finished picking 6 quarts of strawberries (jam anyone?) We rewarded ourselves with some ice cream. It was fairly windy out and the napkins started blowing away.

Blue-Eyed Boy: "The weeps, the weeps, THE WEEEEEEEEPS!!!"

Me: (trying not to laugh) "It's Wiiiiipes....can you say that?"

Blue-Eyed Boy: *BIG sigh* "no, weep"

Me: "Wiiiiiipes"

Blue-Eyed Boy: *with much aggravation*"WIIIIpes"

Guess I need to teach him to say napkin and the problem would be solved. (or we'd have another on our hands)

One more story to make you smile.....

As we were leaving. I was putting Blue-Eyed Boy in the car. Here's how the conversation went.

Me: "oh man, your diaper is leaking"

Blue-Eyed Boy: "I need diaper change"

Me: "I'm sorry, baby, you have to wait til we get home because Daddy was a noodle and forgot the diaper bag"

Blue-Eyed Boy: *very serious face* "No, Daddy big boy"

So, our lessons for today:

1: Don't let your weeps blow away--it causes a 2-year-old much stress and aggravation.

2: Don't call Daddy a noodle. Because really what man wants his 2-year-old to have to defend him? I'm sure my Handsome Hunk doesn't.


Kristina said...

Bring on the adult sized onesies!!!

Or would they be leotards?...

Cute story, Jess!

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