Thursday, August 28, 2008

C25K Day Two

Yesterday was my second day of the C25K program. It was a lot easier than Monday. I guess that means I'm getting into shape??

I did find this great website it has music mixes specifically for this program---It's called Podrunner Intervals. It's all techno type stuff, but it really gets you going. It's free too, which is always a bonus!! You can download them and put them on your Ipod or Mp3. The part I like best is there is a chime that sounds when it is time to walk or run so you're not looking at your clock the whole time. I think that makes it easier to run. It also has specific bpm (beats per minute) tailored to walking or running. There's also just a Podrunner for those who just run and you can find music that meets your own bpm. It's just the neatest thing! If you're a runner please check it out, here.

I did have a bug incident. As I was running something kept tickling my ear. I thought it was just my hair, so I kept flicking it out of the way and kept running (hard to concentrate on anything else besides gasping for breath). So, when I got to the walking bit I still had something bothering my ear. So, after flicking my hair and nothing happening, I finally pulled the headphone out of my ear and lo and behold there was a HUGE BUG on it. I'm glad I had the headphone in my ear or the bug would have crawled in there *shudders*. It completely creeps me out to even think about it!

In other exciting news I've lost a pound since Monday. WOO HOO!

C25k Day One


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