Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our Potty Training Adventure

I've been super busy. My little business is booming. I've hardly had time to eat let alone sit down and write a blog post. But today I had to make time (that I don't have) to brag on my little boy.

He's doing fantastic with the potty. Here's his chart for the week:

and as I wrote that he just got another sticker!

Here's what I've done so anyone else potty training a boy can use what worked for me:

1. Put the potty in the living room, so he doesn't have to go all the way to the bathroom. We were having a lot of accidents when it was there. The amount of time that lapses between when he has to go and actually goes is not long enough to make it that far. The bathroom and playroom--er living room are on opposite ends of the house. I put a couple of shopping bags under it for any leaks that might occur, and I keep a towel next to it for any leaks that get on the seat for quick and easy clean up. I also spray it with some vinegar/water mix after he's gone to bed to keep it clean. I don't want my living room smelling like a potty!

2. Took away the diapers. He's not allowed a diaper unless it's naptime, bedtime or we go somewhere.

3. No underwear either. Both times we tried the underwear he had an accident. I think because they feel the same as his diapers (since we use cloth) so he would just pee in them. He hasn't had one accident when going "comando".

4. Empty the potty then give the sticker. He gets so excited when he goes and gets his "special sticker" that he will go and try and pee again so he can get another sticker. This also lets me know when he has actually went. He will tell me he peed sometimes and there is nothing in there.

I must say it's weird having a naked boy running around the house. BUT I really am enjoying only having to change one diaper-clad baby!

Okay, back to work!


Janell said...

thats awesome! trenton has just started the potty learning. right now its basically just getting familiar with it. they say boys are harder to train so maybe it will be easier with your little girl when its her turn!

good luck with your little business. isn't it fun to make things that people want to buy?! i think it is anyway!

Kristina said...


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