Thursday, September 18, 2008

Working Hard

Tonight at dinner

Blue-Eyed Boy (matter-of-factually): "[Red-Haired Girl] working hard"
Handsome Hunk and Me: "she's working hard?" (jinx!)
Blue-Eyed Boy: "Yep, [Red-Haired Girl] working hard"
Handsome Hunk laughing hilariously
Me: "What do you mean? How is she working hard?"
Handsome Hunk laughing still
Blue-Eyed Boy: "She chewing her toys"
Me (very puzzled, wondering if the electrocution really did do something to him): "Oh, I guess that is work for her"
Red-Haired Girl then filled her pants.
Handsome Hunk: "She was working hard alright"

I looked at the Handsome Hunk he looked at me, and oh did we laugh.


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