Friday, October 31, 2008

Time for a change (audience participation requested!)

I don't like my background anymore.

I need a new one. (Here comes the fun part!)

I want you all to help me pick a new one.

I'm going to put up a different look every day for the next week and next week Friday (November 7th) you can all vote on which one you like best and I will adopt that as my new look (Disclaimer: I reserve the right to make the final judgment, it is my blog after-all!)!

And to better facilitate (motivate?) greater audience participation I am offering to every one who votes....40% off any item in my store. I am adding new items soon! New totally awesome really cool items so don't be turned away (it is a work in progress right now)! And just in time for the Holidays. So, make sure you come back every day this week and especially come back on Friday (November 7th) and VOTE! (Only voters will receive a coupon code.) And for those of you of the male persuasion who may not need nursing covers, or those of you who do not have babies (yet or anymore) I will think of something just as wonderful to offer you! Although some of my new products are not geared towards babies or nursing moms!

All that being said--let The Great Template Change Extravaganza begin!

Here's the first one for today. It's called Mae Mulher by Emporium Digital

All comments greatly appreciated!


Monica said...

I love this one!

Janell said...

eh...not so much :)

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