Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tip Jar Tuesday

So, I just realized that it's Tuesday. I missed last weeks Tip Jar Tuesday. So I am going to make up for it with TWO tips today. These tips have to do with taking pictures, since that is what I've been doing a lot of these days, specifically infant and toddler pictures.

Tip #9

Utilize the burst feature.

If your camera has a burst feature (where it will take a rapid succession--typically 3--of pictures with one push of the button) use it! I have found that it helps a lot to have those quick pictures one right after another. Especially if you can anticipate an infants smile or when your toddler is going to look at you. It also gives you three of a very similar photo so chances are that at least one of them will have turned out well.

The downside is that it uses up your camera memory faster, and you have to sort through dozens and dozens of triple take pictures. But I think the benefits far outweigh this inconvenience.

Tip #10

Use sheets and blankets to disguise everyday

Our bedroom gets the best natural lighting during the day (it's on the east side of the house and has one central window). Its a very small room however so no matter where I put the kids on the bed there was something distracting behind them. To solve this problem I strung sheets (you want either a pastel or a super dark color depending on the look you're trying to accomplish--mine were pastel blue) across where I wanted to take the pictures. I then put white blankets on the bed (these are Christmas picture, I wanted a snowy look, but I could've used green for a grass look, etc.).

In the picture you see on the sidebar the Red-Haired Girl is sitting in her Bumbo seat. I just put a white blanket over it before I sat her in it and WALAA she looks like she is sitting in snow. I also had some batting laying around left-over from some sewing projects, so we spread that around for "snow". The kids really loved that. I wish I had had a better faster camera so I could have taken pictures of the Blue-Eyed Boy throwing it up in the air and stuff, I tried but my camera is too slow so they were blurry.

Also putting some pillows under a sheet can prop up your infant just enough to get a better picture. I used pillows to put under the Blue-Eyed Boy so he was taller than the Red-Haired Girl when she was sitting in the Bumbo.

Make it fun, your kids will have fun and you'll get some really great pictures!

And keep it natural. The more you force the pictures the worse they turn out. But when you are just having fun and laughing and talking and stuff you will be surprised with the neat pictures you can get.

Here's a few more of our good "rejects". (I promise once I actually send out the absolutely perfect Christmas cards, I will share the photos here!!)

Your turn--try it out!


Hannah said...

Hi there! Just wanted to say that I'm liking the new look. I think you made a good choice. :) Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

Jessica Lynn said...

Thanks Hannah!

You too!

Toni said...

The photo shoot turned out great! I really like the one of red haired girl in your sidebar.

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