Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Cards

So remember how I took all that time to take pictures of my kids for our Christmas cards?

Well, in a sad turn of events we decided that we didn't have enough extra money to purchase and send Christmas cards. I was bummed to say the least. All that work! gone to waste. bah humbug.

Then in a wonderful turn of events we received some extra money (can we say bonus check?) that we weren't expecting. So, I went on and made a Christmas card (praise the Lord for one hour printing!!).

So here are my beautiful children as they will appear on our Christmas cards. (I'm mailing them tomorrow so my dear family and friends who'll be getting them soon!). The cards turned out really lovely, except for one thing. The Red-Haired Girl's picture is a little on the dark side. It doesn't look dark on our computer, nor did it look dark on the website, but when printed--it's a little dark (sorry sounding redundant now). I lightened it up to show you here. It doens't look bad on the card, just a little bit darker than the Blue-Eyed Boy's picture.

(I would just scan the card, but I'm not sure how the copyright stuff works, and since they almost wouldn't give the cards to us, I think I'll just show you the pictures).

I think he's going to be just as much of a hunk as his daddy, don't you?

And here's our beautiful sunny girl:

and to see the card layout I picked, go here.


Andrew Betts said...

Heh, we still have the card from 2 years ago hanging on our fridge.

Erika said...

that's awesome that they thought your pics were so good that they were professional! I can see why, they turned out great!!!

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