Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Powerful Song and Video

Stay by Sugarland
"The inspiration for it was, I heard Reba McEntire's 'Whoever's in New England,' and I thought, 'What a great song.'" Jennifer Nettles says. "I really liked the story of it. At the same time, it's a story that you hear a lot — the jilted lover, the one who has been cheated on. I thought, 'You know, in that situation, there are three people hurting. Ain't nobody really happy. What if you were bold enough to tell the story of that other woman, and what she feels like in loving someone that is not fully hers either and knowing that there's another woman that's hurting because she's in the picture?' That's complex, adult stuff. Ultimately, it's about the redemption of loving oneself enough to realize, 'I am worth more than this situation. We're all worth more than this situation, really.'"

I'm not in anyway supporting adultery. But so many times we focus solely on the one being cheated on. This song gives the perspective of the one being cheated with. It puts us in their "shoes" so to speak. Anyways...take it for what it is...I think it's a great song and video, even if it's not about a very "morale" topic it is about life. And this has happened/is happening to too many women and men.


Christopher said...

Her performance makes it very easy to believe her.

Very Nice.

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