Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Pregnancy Week 22

Welcome back to another post on pregnancy! =)

I have been gone for awhile because.....well Verizon is a company composed of a bunch of boneheads who don't know the first thing about customer service! Anyways....enough about that.

Christmas was great. What a wonderful time to be reflecting on the birth of our Lord and Savior when my own thoughts are consumed with the little miracle growing inside of me! I found that I viewed Mary in a whole different light. The fear, frustration, and pain she went through is all too real to me now as I am going through the same things she did. And yet it is entirely different. Our baby was planned and brought to life through two loving people. I cannot imagine becoming with child and not having that security.

New Years Eve we spent celebrating the marriage of my husbands cousin. It was a ton of fun. I danced and danced and danced. Which I think caused this baby to move from the transverse (sideways) to the breech (feet down) position. I'm not worried though, I have lots of time for this little one to get into the proper (head down) position.

I have been feeling fine. A little tired at the end of the day, but other than that no problems. This is the "fun" part of the pregnancy where you feel like a normal person, except that you have a basketball in your belly. (tying my shoes has become problematic).

Now we are in the process of finding somewhere else to move. My goal is to be moved by March 1st or sooner if we can find somewhere. We just got our renewal papers for our apartment here and they are raising our rent by $120!!! We can hardly afford what it is now, so that was shocking. ESPECIALLY since this is housing for low-income families. So, I will be packing and packing here soon as Christopher brings me some boxes home from work! I think we will also be giving a bunch away. When we moved last May we gave about 1/2 of our things away. But we seem to have accumulated a bunch more stuff in that short time. So, it's time to whittle down and become less materialistic. This is a struggle for us...more for Christopher than me--I think. He's a HUGE pack rat. He hates to throw anything away. Because "we might need it later". I've come to the realization that if I haven't used it in a few months, I never really needed it in the first place. And if I give it away and we find out later we did need it then we can buy a new one knowing that it will be used, rather than taking up our precious closet space!

Anyways....this is kind of a weird post. I didn't really talk about my pregnancy much. But there isn't really anything to talk about at this point. So, I will sign off for now.

May your new year be filled with all the blessings and trials only the Lord can so lovingly give!


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