Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Now Ya'll Don't Be Getting Jealous On Me!

(Wow I got a little southern there. Well, as southern as a girl from Michigan can get!)

Today I have been struck by the wonderful thought......


I was doing a little "counting of the blessings" and I couldn't get past the first four. Not that there aren't hundreds even thousands of things I've been blessed with. But the first four are just so overwhelmingly wonderful that it is hard to wrap my brain around them. They make me want to shout from the rooftop, dance around my living room, or they just fill my eyes with tears full of the joy that only God's blessings can bring. So, for you my wonderful Internet audience I would like to tell you my top four overwhelmingly amazingly wonderful blessings.....

1. That the Creator of the universe as awesome and powerful as He is would come down to earth and become nothing....for me. For insignificant, dirty, sinful little me. WOW!

2. If that wasn't enough He then sends a loving, strong, Spirit-filled man to cherish me. And He even made him the handsomest hunk on the whole planet (please see photo on left if you need convincing)! Never in my wildest dreams could I have thought up a man such as my husband! WOW!

3. Now if you can even imagine that things could get better than that...He then gives us a baby. And not just any baby.....Blue-Eyed Boy. A child with such a sweet personality it could make your grandma sick. I mean I have a 2 year old who says please and thank-you.....half the time without prompting!!! He gives hugs and kisses for no reason...and every new adventure in his little life is met with an enthusiastic "OH WOW!". And don't even get me started on how he is the only little man on this planet who may knock his daddy out of the running for the "the handsomest hunk on the planet" award (again see photo on left). WOW!

4. And as if I hadn't had enough blessings...wazaam! pow! poof! Hold on to your seats folks! Another baby!! I'm just about knocked off of my rocker (which isn't healthy for a pregnant woman)! I don't even know who this little one is...girl or boy....etc. But I do know that I love that little baby like only a mother can! And I am anxious to meet the newest member of our family. And to hold in my arms the next great blessing only my God could bestow on someone such as me. WOW!


And now I must leave you to ponder the wonder of my beautiful blessed life as I go do a few jig's around my living room........


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