Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One Proud Mamma, One Big Boy

Last night my little boy slept in his "big boy" bed for the first time! I am so proud! We have had the thing set up in his room for months now, just waiting for him to ask to sleep in it, and last night he did!

This morning when Handsome Hunk went in to get him (I'm in bed listening to the conversation) it went like this....

Handsome Hunk: "Hi, big boy! Did you sleep in your big boy bed last night?"
Blue-Eyed Boy: "Yea (matter-of-factly) vrrooom, vrooom, beep-beep"

(note: the toddler bed is a big blue race car)

(another note: He stayed in his bed even after he woke up!!! He just sort of yelled for us like he usually does....how cool is that?!!? All last night I was so afraid of waking up to a little toddler standing next to my bed. What a good boy we have! I only hope it stays that way!)

I did have a few hard moments last night and this morning with

MY BABY IS GROWING UP TOO FAST!!!!!!!!!! anxieties

but I think that is a typical mommy reaction.

I must note too that Blue-Eyed Boy was so very proud of himself this morning as well. He was "over the moon" as the saying goes.

And so am I.


Christopher said...

And So Am I

Nancy said...

I always say vroom vrooom beep beep when I wake up in the morning...is that odd?

Jessica Lynn said...

Umm...it may be considering you don't sleep in a totally awesome car bed like Timmy. But if Jack doesn't think it's weird....who am I to judge? =)

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