Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Pregnancy Week 25

I realized today that I haven't been writing my weekly pregnancy reports. I know you all have missed them terribly so here we go!

I can definitely feel the third trimester creeping up on me. I find I am getting increasingly more and more tired, and hungry! Because of this I have been trying to go to bed earlier (trying is the key word here, failing is what actually happens.) But I have yet to succeed. So, that is my quest, to get more sleep. It is hard though because Christopher doesn't get home until after 10 most nights from work....and I haven't spoken to an adult all day, so then we have to talk and talk for an hour and don't end up going to bed until 11:30 or so! Oh well, such is life.

Other than being tired and hungry I'm feeling great! I do still have a lot of stretchy pains in my pelvis, but that is what happens folks! I mean a girl can't expect to have her belly go from flat to a basketball without some discomfort! And this is not fun at night when it takes five minutes of great will power to roll to the other side, only to find that it isn't comfortable, or that your husband is in the way!

Oat Bran is forever swimming and kicking and punching all over. The hiccups get quite annoying, but they are a good thing, so I remind myself of that often. And all to soon the wonder of having a little one growing inside of me will be done.

So, there you go folks. I hope this installment of week 25 of my pregnancy was as thrillingly boring as you remembered!

Have a great day!


Bekah said...

Have you thought of any names yet? Or are you not revealing them? I would love to hear your name ideas

Jessica Lynn said...

We cannot think of a boy's name. But if it's a girl it will be Ellie Kay, or Tesia Joy. =)

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