Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Great Dishwasher Fast

In light of our impending move next weekend I have decided that I am going to stop using our dishwasher. Our new house does not have a dishwasher, so I figure it will be good to get used to not having a dishwasher while I still have one. Does that make any sense?

I know that washing all your dishes by hand is much different from using a dishwasher. I have not been dishwasher-less for a few years now so I am sure this is going to be a bit of an adjustment. I figure I can use this next week to sort of get the kinks out and establish a "dishwasher routine". This way if I completely fail at keeping up with the dishes I am not standing in front of a sink for two hours with my seven-month-pregnant-self washing piles and piles of dishes. (if you don't know, standing in front of a sink for any length of time is very, very hard on a seven-month-pregnant-back)

So, starting tomorrow I am done with our dishwasher. (hopefully.)

If any of you, my loyal readership, have any advice please let me know the best way to keep up with the dishes. And too remember I have a two-year-old. This is important in the dish world because he goes through more dishes than is necessary because he's two.

My plan of action so far is to wash dishes after every meal. The snack dishes, and cups etc that accumulate between meals will just be rinsed and put into the sink until the after meal dish washing.

Or would it be best to wash dishes as we use them?

Let me know your thoughts on that please.

The one thing that makes me happy to be "getting rid" of the dishwasher is that it will save water. Which is good on many levels. The first benefit of course is on the environment. The second of course is on our water bill. (We have a well at our new house! No more water bills! YAY!) The third is that when I used to wash dishes by hand-before I got lazy and acquired a dishwasher-I loved washing dishes. There was nothing better than taking something dirty making it clean and knowing that I did it. I know, I know- I am weird. But I'm okay with that.

Now I need to go and run the dishwasher one last time before my "last washing" is over.


Anonymous said...

I remember three children and no dishwasher for years. You have my deepest sympathy!!! (I hope you are now smiling). I would say wash them as they come and good luck, I never figured it out, it is like lost socks - you never know what will come out of washing machine. Still, if I had the choice of dishwasher or house it would be house here I come! Barb

Nancy said...

No help from aunt Nan. I can barely manage to get them in the dishwasher, let alone wash them by hand. Jack and I have learned though that paper products are our friends. It's not as environmentally safe, but neither of us is opposed to using the same cup more than once.
Growing up, when Christopher and I were the dishwashers, we did all of the day's dishes at night. One of us would wash and rinse, the other would put them away.
I don't miss it...:-)

Bekah said...

The only advace that I have would be if you can't do them after each meal like you want to. Make sure you at least rise them off! That way when you do get to them, they aren't that hard.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess - I didn't know you had a blog until your last email! Now I will read it. I agree with Nancy - buy paper plates and use them when you can. I buy them at the dollar store. Also, congrats on the house! I will see it when I see the new baby! Aunt Teri

Anonymous said...

Just don't leave the milk in the glass to will make you sick, epecially pregnant. I would suggest a kindly aunt sends you a little cash each month for some paper or plastic...just for a break...

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