Friday, February 15, 2008

How Could I Forget?

Today we went to our NEW HOUSE (It still gives me a thrill to say it!) and took a couple boxes of books over (Sorry I pack them too heavy honey!), and I wanted to clean the kitchen and bathroom, etc.

So, while I was cleaning Handsome Hunk and Blue-Eyed Boy went on a quest for a snow shovel and a dish drying rack (I would like to introduce you to our new dishwasher--ME!). They were unsuccessful. Apparently Meijer stopped carrying snow shovels months ago (Did they miss the blizzard? or did I just imagine it? Hello this is MICHIGAN). Needless to say Handsome Hunk was quite surprised. So, Blue-Eyed Boy and I will later be heading out on a quest for a snow shovel---oh the joys of home "renter-ship"! my zeal to clean the kitchen I seemed to have forgotten something very important.


And climbing on top of counters (shh don't tell the Hunk I did that!) and kneeling on the floor would be regretted later.

Well it's later folks and let me tell you........

I need a nap

and maybe some Tylenol

and maybe some ice cream *wink*

But at least the kitchen is spotless.


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