Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Pregnancy Week 30

I must say I cannot believe I'm already 30 weeks, but at the same time I can't believe I still have so far to go!!

I am feeling good. Mostly just completely exhausted, but I believe the move has made the normal tiredness of the 3rd trimester worse. I keep getting leg cramps in the early morning. Boy do those stink. Folks, it's awful to be woken from a dead sleep with a horrible pain in the calf muscle. Christopher is good about rubbing my leg for me though....such a sweet hubby I have!

I am super clumsy as well. In case you weren't aware ice and a clumsy pregnant lady, who can't see her feet, don't go well. I fell in our driveway the other day. I was more embarrassed than hurt. I'm glad it was dark out and the neighbors couldn't see me crawling to the snow bank so I could stand up! I'm sure it was a sight. But no harm was done to me (or baby) except my pride. haha!

And the wonderful swelling has begun. Especially if I stand a lot (you know like unpacking boxes and moving requires!). So, I have been having swollen ankles and hands at the end of the day. I decided today to take it easy and not unpack anything....we'll see if I can hold out for an entire day. Not likely.

I've been asked a couple times if I think it's easier being pregnant the second time so I would like to share my thoughts on this.

I think that it's really a toss up. In some respects the first was harder and in some respects this time is harder. But if I had to choose I'd say the second time is easier. Mostly because I'm not completely consumed with the pregnancy like I was the first time. I have to take care of Timmy and everything isn't new. I've been there. done that. So, I don't need to freak out about every discomfort and run to my pregnancy book to make sure nothing is wrong. I think that is the biggest difference. I think this pregnancy is harder in regards to the first trimester because I had so much morning sickness like I didn't have with Timmy. But other than that it's been a breeze. My body already knows what to do, the stretching isn't as painful because I'm already stretched. I think every pregnancy is different just like every baby is different so it's very hard to compare them.

Anyways...10 more weeks to go! (I'm figuring 12 though since I was almost two weeks overdue with Timmy--then I won't get TOO anxious near the end!! *crossing fingers*).

Oh I also wanted to say that we have our names picked out-finally!

*drum roll please*

If Oat Bran is a girl her name will be.......

Ellie Kay

If Oat Bran is a boy his name will be.......

Elijah Christopher

I guess we have an "e" thing going on this time.

So, those are our names we picked...if you don't like 'em TOO BAD it's our kid! HA! *wink*

Timmy was supposed to be Elijah Christopher, and Timothy Scott was our "back-up" name. But I took one look at him and said.."He's a Timothy". Christopher said "are you sure?" I said yes. And that was that. I can't imagine him being a little Eli. I'm sure none of the rest of you can either- he's a Timmy through and through!

I would say Stay tuned next week for another weekly pregnancy report unfortunately I haven't been keeping up with that too well.

So I guess instead I'll say...

Stay tuned for in case I find something interesting to say about my pregnancy in the coming weeks!


Bekah said...

Do you have back ups this time too? I heard that if you have names picked out before hand, you won't use them!

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