Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Healthy Eating

Well I can't believe that I haven't written a post since last weeks Parents University, I guess I've been busy! *wink* But here it is again. The Secret Life of Kat is hosting another weekly installment of Parents University. This weeks topic is healthy eating. Please make sure you head on over to Kat's blog to read all the other wonderful posts!

Healthy eating is tough in this no-time, anti-family-centered, fast food world we live in! Healthy eating is work plain and simple, friends. You can't expect to throw together a meal in 10 minutes and it be chock-full of nutrients. It takes time, it takes commitment, it takes dedication. But it is well worth the effort. Healthy eating is important! Especially to those precious growing bodies and minds of the little people we love.

So, here are a few tips that I've gleaned over the years for making healthy eating a little easier.

1. Use frozen veggies. The frozen veggies have not lost as many nutrients as the canned version, and they are not covered in salt.

2. Get a steamer basket! It only takes a few minutes to steam veggies, and it's much more healthy than microwaving them!

3. Plan your meals. You can't expect to just throw together something healthy. You must sit down and make sure you're covering all your bases. This will also make your life easier if you take 20 minutes (or less) a week and plan out your meals. It eliminates the panic of not knowing what to make for dinner, which makes it less tempting to just order a pizza.

4. Eat snacks. But make sure they are healthy snacks. Blue-Eyed Boy loves to dip pretzels in yogurt. I find that two year-olds love to dip, so if you give him anything and there's a "dippy" he will go to town on it (we call green beans "baby French fries" he loves to dip them in ketchup at meals). Snacks will keep up little one's energy which makes them less cranky. It also helps us as adults to keep from over-eating at meals.

5. Don't be too hard on yourself. Sometimes a mom (or dad) needs a break and McDonald's is the only answer! Or you forgot to thaw something and have to make pancakes for dinner. Your kids aren't going to suffer from a "bad" meal once in a while! Just do your best. And when you do go to McDonald's try to make the healthiest choices you can!

6. Eat healthy yourself. If your kids see you eating healthy (and enjoying it!) they will do likewise. You can't expect your kids to eat healthy if you don't!

7. For those of you with a sweet tooth--Jello with a dollop of whipped cream on top makes a fantastic dessert! Much less calories than cakes or cookies, it's easy and quick to make, and it's yummy!

Good luck on eating healthy!

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brickmomma said...

I do need a steamer basket. What are your thoughts about steam-in-bag veggies?

Apple Dippers are a saving grace at McDs...though we forgo the carmel dip.

Anything tastes better with ketchup!

Jessica Lynn said...

I haven't tried the steam-in-bad veggies, but they "claim" to be just as healthy, so I don't know. I would have to research that a little more.

I just always thought that plastic (ie: bags and wrap, not Tupperware) in the microwave wasn't good for you??

Nancy said...

I've done steam in the bag veggies (I believe they were the Birds Eye Steam Fresh) and they tasted fine. The only problem I've had preparing them is that some of them come out perfect, while some are still a little frozen. As far as nutrition goes, I have no idea if they are bad for you.

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