Friday, July 4, 2008

Crushed by the Chef

I'm a good cook. Not to brag or be egotistical or anything, but I am. I love to cook and I do it well (you can ask the Handsome Hunk-he'll agree). It's just one of my gifts (makes me a good housewife! *wink*).

Well, I am sorry to say that last night the Blue-Eyed Boy crushed me. My heart was ripped apart by his 2-year-old self.

Anybody who has a 2-year-old can tell you-- meals they are a battlefield (If you have a 2-year-old and do not have meal battles please please share your secret with the rest of us!).

And last night for the first time ever. There. wasn't. a. battle! (you are probably wondering why I am pleading for the secret if I already know it, but keep reading).

I'll paint the picture for you....

There we were sitting peacefully at the table. Red-Haired Girl in a rare moment of dinner time bliss (for me) was sleeping in her bouncy seat. Blue-Eyed Boy was sitting nicely in his seat.

The only sounds to be heard were....

*scrape*, *slurp*, *swallow* "mmm, that good"

*scrape*, *slurp*, *swallow* "mmm, that good"

repeat at least 5 more times


*bowl scraping across table* "more, please, mama"

(bowl refilled, returned) "thank you mama"

repeat, twice!

Now I know what you are wondering. What in the world were you eating?! I can hear all the mother's of two-year-old's out there screaming "tell us your secret, please!" Well, I am sad to say it wasn't my cooking that got him eating, folks. That was the first time he ever said dinner was good. And we weren't eating anything very nutritious it was more of a mommy-has-strep- throat-and-can't-swallow-anything-that-isn't-soft-and-mushy-type dinner.

I am ashamed to admit this folks but I was trumped by none other than....Chef Boyardee.

I guess a girl just can't win in the face of circular pasta smothered in tomato sauce regardless of how good a cook she may be.


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I feel you. My boy ate about 800 calories this entire WEEKEND. I mean, I cannot even tempt him with a milkshake. The kid refuses them. Who refuses milkshakes??

I think he may be an alien, LOL.

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