Sunday, July 13, 2008

R.I.P. Blue Guy

My 2 1/2 year old has a problem. He is addicted to his pacifier. He calls his pacifier his "guy", and adds the color in front of it...for example...."blue guy", "orange guy", "purple guy". We have been trying to wean him from this thing for a year and a half now. But the more we try to keep it away from him the more attached he becomes.

This morning we went to church as usual. When we got in the car to leave Blue-Eyed Boy says...."I want my blue guy". I look at Handsome Hunk and say do you have it? He doesn't. I don't. We have no idea where it is. (panic ensues in parental units at this point) Handsome Hunk runs back into the church and asks the nursery ladies if they found it or have it--no. Checks the "sanctuary" and the bagel table. The blue guy is nowhere. to. be. found.

I looked at Handsome Hunk, he looked at me....we were up a creek without a paddle folks. So we did the only think we could---we decided that was that. It's gone. We're going cold turkey.

Oh was I nervous. I was waiting for screaming and crying and hitting and biting. I was waiting for the world to come crashing down on us. Oh yes, I was scared, I was terrified--of a 2 year old.

Here was the conversation that ensued:

Blue-Eyed Boy--(weeping) "I want my blue guy"

Me-- "I'm sorry babe, we lost it. Blue guy is all gone"

Blue-Eyed Boy-- (still weeping) "I want my blue guy"

Me--"It's all gone, we lost it".

Blue-Eyed Boy--(weeping yet) "Blue guy all gone?"

Me--"Yep, blue guy all gone. But you don't need him, you're a big boy".

Blue-Eyed Boy--(a moment of quiet reflection, then wipes eyes) "Mama, I not sad anymore"

In toddler speak I think that translates to....okay I'm going to accept this because I can't change it.

He's doing great. He asked for it about 3 times today. And he is sleeping right now. This is the first night without the blue guy since he was about a month old. There was relatively no protesting, he just asked for "him" a few times and went to bed. We only heard one cry---it's been silent ever since. Hallelujah!

I only pray tomorrow goes so smoothly.

And now our biggest hope is that we find the two missing "guys" before Blue-Eyed Boy does. We haven't been able to find them for a few months and are hoping that we don't find them again for a few more. Or that we find them when he's not around.

So, to you dear Blue Guy, my sons very favorite comfort measure: I hope that you rest in peace. For we shall never see nor need you again.

And to you my dear sweet Blue-Eyed Boy: Mommy is so very proud of her big boy. Please don't wake up screaming for your blue guy in the middle of the night.

I'll update y'all tomorrow.


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