Monday, July 28, 2008

A Mother's Biggest Fear

I've recently been reading Is There Any Mommy Out There? and today her post really hit home for me. I think the end of her post sums up what every Mother fears the most.

"It's not that they can be taken out of this world that strikes the worst fear in me. We all live with that truth. It's that I could be left behind. My deepest fear is trying to survive in a world that had them in it and lost them."
I can't even imagine a world without my two babies in it. So I worry. I fret. I check on them several times a night to make sure they are still breathing. I am constantly telling Blue-Eyed Boy to be careful. I pray, everyday, that God wouldn't take my babies from me. I don't think I would survive that.

Her post really hit home for me, as I think it will every Mother. Go read it.


anymommy said...

Hi Jessica, it's a universal fear of mothers, isn't it. It's so much easier, in a way, when you have nothing to lose. I am blushing that my words inspired you to write about this yourself! Thank you.

Janell said...

i totally agree! i can't even watch tv shows or medical shows that show little babies and kids getting hurt or having surgeries or whatever because i just sit there and think"what if that was Trenton" then I get that pit in my stomach and have to turn it off! Its true though, it really is a universal fear of all mothers.

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