Friday, August 1, 2008

Love, Men and Food

You know the famous little saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach?? Well, I would like to present this story as proof that this heart-stomach phenomenon begins at birth.

Today Blue-Eyed Boy told me he was hungry. So, I (being the wonderful Mother that I am) got him some food to eat. Cantaloupe specifically--he loves melons. He calls cantaloupe "camo" (yes, like camouflage, almost like he is saying camel) .

He began eating this lovely fruit and this is what I hear (I had walked into the bedroom for a moment).

"mmm...that's good camo" (bite) "mmm....I eat camo" (bite) "mmm....I love my mom" (bite) " mom give me camo" (this was all accompianied by the slurpy chompy noises that toddlers make when they eat melon).

There you have it folks--the way to a mans (or toddler boys') heart is through his stomach.

I rest my case.


Christopher said...

...She's no dope. I came home today to a plate of brownies. Mmmmm, brownies...

Kristina said...

I sat here chuckling about this. Eventually,if I keep up this behavior, my husband will have me committed.

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