Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Bite

Today Blue-Eyed Boy bit Red-Haired Girl. On the arm. Hard. He broke the skin with one tooth. There was a perfect indentation of his teeth on her arm, the dentist would have loved. This was the bite of all bites folks. I think he bit her as hard as he could. Why? There was no reason for this action. All we were doing was having a "diaper changing party" as I call them (I find it easiest to change them at the same time). One minute he was chatting away with her, the next she is screaming and he's looking guilty (*cries* I had only looked away for a second!).

I have never been so angry with Blue-Eyed Boy in his life.

It was the first time I experienced...I don't even know what word describes this. But my motherly protectiveness over took me for my Red Haired Girl, and the accompanying extreme anger that goes along with that was directed at my Blue-Eyed Boy. It was a strange place to be. I hadn't experienced this phenomenon yet. I never thought I would have the "mother bear instinct" against one of my children.

Needless to say Blue-Eyed Boy got a time-out. After the time-out he gave Red-Haired girl a hug, a smoochie and a "I sorry" (despite her still screaming her head off).

Red-Haired Girl eventually calmed down (so did mommy). But the teeth indents are swollen, her arm is red, and there was a little blood where he broke the skin. There will probably be a bruise.

And I think I just won the bad mommy award of the year.

I reiterate....oh the joys of parenthood.


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