Monday, September 29, 2008

It only took a YEAR (almost)!

Today we got a knock at the door. I wasn't even dressed yet (it was 10am....I was being is Monday after all!). I open the door and it's my mailman. He says, "I have a certified letter here for you, you need to sign here and here." I'm like okay. Look at the letter it's from Brandorama. I'm thinking what in the heck, I don't know who that is or what this is. Mailman leaves. I open the letter and here's what I see inside:

Yep you read that right...250 dollars.

Now you're wondering why in the world I got this in the mail? Well I'll tell you.

About a year ago...when I found out I was pregnant with our Red-Haired Girl I did one of those online things where you try out some products and for doing this they send you a gift card in the ammount of $250 for the store of your choice (they had a selection). Now normally I wouldn't do something like this because you usually spend more trying out the products than the reward is worth. But this one wasn't like that. I spent about 20 dollars trying out some things...mostly mineral make-up and such.

So, I completed my requirements and they said I should get my gift card in 6-8 WEEKS. Well, that was October LAST YEAR, folks. If I had known it was going to take A YEAR I would have gotten the gift card for a differnt store. But at the time I needed maternity clothes. The good news is I can use it online at the Motherhood Nursing store online and gets some nice looking nursing wear to make that easier! And as long as it is not left unused for 24 consecutive months it won't be charged a 2.00 fee. So, I can hold on to it for awhile.

So all in all even though it took forever to get here I am super excited I got it!

Shopping anyone?


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