Monday, September 29, 2008

The Jeans

They've been waiting patiently, folded neatly in my drawer. The drawer I avoided like the plague. Oh how I've longed for buttons and zippers instead of elastic!

Today I was brave.

Today I opened that drawer. I pulled them out. I carefully unfolded them. With trembling hands I held them as I slipped my feet in and pulled them up, up, up. Then came the true test. I slowly, ever so nervously, pulled up the zipper and fastened the button.


As I danced around my bedroom and my toddler questioned my sanity I reveled in the wonder of old jeans. A wonder that only a new mother can appreciate! It only took 4 months. I haven't worn a zipper clad pair of jeans in over a year, but I'm there finally. They fit, they fit, they fit!!!! Praise the Lord!

Good-bye maternity clothes!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS ! I am on my journey back to my pre-baby body happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Good job Jess!

Anonymous said...

Hey that's great. What a nice surprise, eh?!
~ Kimberly

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