Saturday, September 6, 2008


We went to the grocery store the other day. Blue-Eyed Boy loves to "say hi" to the "monsters" (lobsters for all of you who don't speak toddler). Well the "monsters" were awful active that day--swimming around and such.

Blue-Eyed Boy was watching them and he says...."Daddy they all have watches...all the monsters have watches".

They weren't really wearing watches (just in case you didn't know). They were wearing rubber bands to keep them from clawing each other. But Blue-Eyed Boy thought they were watches.....maybe he's watched Finding Nemo too many times. I don't know. But we decided to let him keep his illusion of watch wearing lobsters. We were not even going to delve into the whole we could buy (ha! with what money?) those watch wearing lobsters and eat them for dinner. He can find that out when he's older.

Instead I avoided eye contact with The Handsome Hunk and he did the same, while we chuckled our way to the hot dog buns.

Oh how fun it is to have a toddler!


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