Wednesday, November 5, 2008


If you're a mom with a baby you've probably heard of babylegs. If you haven't then I don't know where you've been living (under a rock? kidding!). They are all the rage in baby wear. As with most (dare I say all?) things that are extremely popular--they are expensive (according to me). I cannot bring myself to pay $10-20 for one pair of leg warmers for my sweet baby girls little legs.


(They are practical as well, here in this great state we call Michigan, especially under baby skirts. And they make diaper changes a breeze!)

So, I decided to knit some for my Red-Haired Girl.

Here are my first attempts:
Left Picture: The one on the left is my first attempt--WAY too big. The right fit but I didn't like the style so much. Right Picture: My last attempt, aren't those ruffles sweet? The problem I found was I didn't use sock yarn so they weren't stretchy and would fall off REALLY. EASY. I mean I'd put them on, blink, and she had already kicked them off--that fast.

Then I did a search on Google to see if I could find a pattern. I found something even better. Something even more wonderful.

My Red-Haired Girl has 5 pairs of babylegs all to the tune of $7.

HOW did I do this you wonder?

I found a wonderful blog--Everything Your Mama Made. She told me how to make these babylegs for CHEAP. AND they are just as cute. AND it only takes about 10 minutes tops, (if you know how to use and own a sewing machine).

If you're like me and think they are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE and WAY BETTER THAN TIGHTS....but can't stomach the price---here's your alternative.


Janell said...

i never did like baby legs. i detested leg warmers when I was growing up so maybe that is why. anyway, you can make them extremely cheap by buying $1 pair of long socks at target then cutting off the foot part and hemming them. i had a friend who did that and they look like some of the expensive baby legs people pay a lot of money for.

Jessica Lynn said...

That's exactly what you do!

I think the leg warmers are cuter on the girls. I put them under her skirts to keep her legs warm. Super cute!

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