Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Great Template Change Extravaganza Day Seven

Here we are, it's the last day of the Extravaganza. My Grandma will be happy, she told me she can't figure out my Blog these days since it keeps changing so much! Sorry Grandma!

Today's design is hard to describe. It is a template I used the other day, but I have changed it a whole bunch so now it is much different. I'm not sure if that has voided the creative commons license? I don't know. I still want to give them credit because they did all the hard work, I just adjusted some sizing here and there and changed the colors and made my own header image.

So, this is Shiny by, modified by me. I am going to call it Banana just so we all don't get confused, okay?

So, come back tomorrow to cast your vote!


Christopher said...

I'm so proud of my amazing, beautiful, talented, graphic designer. If the rest of the world had any idea how talented you really are...

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