Friday, November 7, 2008

The Great Template Change Extravaganza!

Cast your vote!

Your choices:

Day One: Mae Muhler by Emporium Digital

Day Two: Birds on a Wire designed by Better In Pink

Day Three: Japenese Fleur Designed by Lorelei, and converted to Blogger by Blogger Templates

Day Four: Mode Parisienne designed by

Day Five: Shiny by

Day Six: Neoneon by Plantillas Blogger

Day Seven: Banana. The one you see currently.

Who Can Vote:
Anyone in the U.S.A. or Canada (Edited to add: I should have said, ANYONE in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD can vote and receive the coupon code, but only those residents of U.S.A. or Canada will be entered into the Bonus Surprise.)

How to vote:
Please leave a comment with your template selection. You can use either the day or the name of the template. A Blogger account is not needed. Just make sure you put your email address in your comment. If you do not feel comfortable leaving your email in the comment section you can email me at mrsculverATgmailDOTcom.

When can you vote:
The voting will start at midnight Friday, November 7th, and will close at 10pm on Sunday, November 9th.

What you will receive:
I will email you a coupon code redeemable for 40% off any purchase made at my shop. This coupon will be redeemable until January 31, 2009. And you can use it as many times as you like!

ONE voter will be chosen at random to receive a set of 2 knitted dishcloths in the color of their choice (Shipping included). Winner will be chosen on Monday morning (November 10) around 9-ish (I do have young kids so it may be later than that).

Have fun and thank you for participating!


Hannah said...

This is so, so fun! Thanks for including us all in the big decision. :) And thanks for including little pictures of each of the pages... I was trying really hard to remember them all. personal favorite is 'shiny,' but that's not my vote. I am voting for 'mode parisienne' because I think it's adorable and most fits the theme of your blog.
Good luck!
Hannah at

Nancy said...

Mode Parisienne. Definitely.

Christopher said...

This is a tough one. The last few were all good ones. I'm going to vote for Mode Parisienne.

Anonymous said...

NeonNeon, most definately!


Monica said...

I like this 'banana' one the best. It's so simple and easy on the eye. Looking forward to seeing the one you choose!

Anonymous said...

I also like Banana too!


Cindy said...

I don't think I'm allowed to vote 'cause I am in Korea, but if you allow me to (without entering me in the contest / coupon)...I'd vote for Shiny.

Love you!

Janell said...

i'm going with the current one. Banana. it just goes better with the whole banana peel theme.

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