Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I think it's time for a change

Preface: I'm one of those Momma's who do not rock their baby until they are completely asleep and then lay them down. I've been very deliberate ever since The Red-Haired Girl was born to put her down when she was semi awake. This has made it possible for me to nurse her and put her directly in her bed whether she is asleep or not and know she will go to sleep on her own. (I must also add that I do not let her "cry it out" either. Fussing is okay, but if she starts crying, I will go in to get her and we try again. I could never stomach letting my baby cry for hours on end just to get them to sleep.)

So today I did what I always do. I nursed her then laid her down in her bassinet and left the room. I was holding Little Dizzy and talking with The Blue-Eyed Boy when I heard this strange sort of noise. It sounded like something was in my pots and pans cupboard. My immediate thought was "Oh no! The mouse is in my cupboard!" (we still haven't caught the last one, sneaky little devil!).

Then I heard a baby giggle.

So, with Little Dizzy in tow I tip-toed into the bedroom and this is what I found.........

The pots and pan sound must have been the piggy bank.

She has never gotten to a sitting position on her own, until today! She started really crawling on Sunday. Oh boy am I in trouble. But I LOOOOOVE it! There is nothing cuter than that little baby butt sticking out as she crawls. This is our first crawling baby, so it's all new (The Blue-Eyed Boy never crawled, he skipped right from rolling to walking)!

I think she needs to move to the crib. The only problem--there is no room anywhere in this teeny tiny house for a full-size crib. Our lease is up in February, but The Hunk doesn't want to move in winter again. I don't really want to either, but I do want to leave this house (REALLY BADLY to tell the truth--I don't like it here at all. This house was great when there were only three of us, but it's waaaay too small for four.).

I want my baby to be safe, even if that means moving in winter again (at least this time I won't be pregnant and will be able to help!!)

Dilemma. Dilemma.

In the meantime I cleaned off the dresser so she can't get into any of it, and put the locking clips in place so the bassinet can't rock anymore.

Hopefully that will be enough.....until we figure something else out.


Nancy said...

Check out our apartments-all utilities are included except electricity, and they do short term leases if you can't commit to a year. Plus there's a big courtyard for Blue Eyed boy to run around in. I know you don't want to do the apartment thing again, but it's an option to consider!

Kristina said...

Unfortunately, when I don't see the baby and hear pots and pans...that means I am hearing pots and pans. And silverware. And drawers... And he is uber-sneaky.

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