Sunday, December 21, 2008

In Case you were having a bad day....

and need a laugh...........

The other day:

The Blue Eyed Boy hit the Red-Haired Girl
Me: "We don't hit people"
Blue-Eyed Boy: (matter-of-factually) "I'm not hitting people, I'm hitting babies"

Day before yesterday:

Blue-Eyed Boy: "Momma is Santa coming here?"
Me: "probably"
Blue-Eyed Boy: "he coming here?"
Me: "yep, I'm sure he is"
Blue-Eyed Boy: "no he not, he not coming here, he at church"

Hunk: "Do you know where your Chapstick is? "
Blue-eyed Boy: "Actually, I believe it is in the living room"

Happy Sunday!


Cindy said...

those stories made me laugh out loud at work. my korean coworkers might think i'm more crazy now than they did before...

miss you!

Andrew Betts said...

remember that babies are not people ;-)

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