Wednesday, January 23, 2008


For the past week...maybe pregnant brain can't dear sweet, loving, wonderful, amazingly good sleeper has decided that he did NOT want to take naps. I think it prudent that I give you a brief sleeping history of my son so that you can fully grasp the confusion and frustration Handsome Hunk and I have been enduring.

Timothy's sleep history:
3 months-received book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr. Marc Weissbluth
(note: a must for new parents! or old parents *wink*)
5 months- slept through the night
6 months-had established sleep routine. Would put him in his bed awake and he would go to sleep on his own. Had 3 daily naps, slept 12 hours a night.
1 year-had to change sleep routine slightly because no more bottles. Still no problems. Went down to two naps, slept 12 hours a night.
15-18months- down to one nap with no problems. Still sleeping 12 hours a night.

Now we come to the present. Blue-Eyed Boy has never really had any sleeping problems, even when sick. So, this no nap thing kind of came out of the blue. We were thoroughly surprised and confused and frustrated. We knew he needed a nap-if the crankiness didn't give him away, the half open eyes did. But anytime we would put him in his bed he would freak-out and scream and cry and throw everything out of his crib! We tried letting him "cry-it-out", but he would cry for an hour and we couldn't handle that anymore. (especially when he started crying "mama" so pitifully it would near to break my heart folks!)

But then the other night a blessed thing happened! See here for description of blessed event.

I believe this was the problem because right now as I sit here in a gloriously quiet and toddler free moment my little boy is tucked into his "big boy" bed and falling asleep!

So, in conclusion (sorry if it's redundant) all I can say is:



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